Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue

The project of Balkan regional youth participation and dialogue, is an initiative which has as main purpose the involvement of young people aged between 15-30 in all social and cultural fields, as well as the continuously growth of their active participation in the society.

We are all aware that the role of the active youth aspiration and participation, has great importance for achieving higher social growth in general. Today as never before, we feel the need to create a culture and tradition that make the youth raise their voice against any kind of discrimination and lack of righteousness, in order to be a positive impact in the society or in a particular community they belong to. Moreover, this platform has already planned many activities and training that could help young people comprehend better their importance in the society.

The entire project is funded by the European Union that was created in 2015. This is the second year that the Local Democracy Agency of Kosovo is implementing this platform, which has opened many doors regarding the improvement of the involvement and participation of the young people in public institutions and also cooperate with local authorities regarding the issues they were concerned about.

This project has demonstrated a remarkable result from the capacity of skill building of young people, to the awareness of their importance in their country.

All partners (project implementers) have achieved a variety of local activities including specific methodology using the new technology and arts.

The creators of the Platform are ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy), ALDA Skopje and Local Democracy Agencies from five Balkan countries:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prijedor, Mostar dhe Zavidovic)
  • Serbia (Subotica dhe Knjazevac);
  • Montenegro (Niksic);
  • Kosovo (Peja);
  • Macedonia;

In order to fulfill its goals, the action is establishing a network of organizations which will contribute in structuring regional thematic cooperation between the Civil Society and the public authorities from targeted countries, encouraging open dialogues between the youth and stakeholders in their communities but also in Balkan region countries.

In addition, while creating a Regional Network for Local Democracy and also promoting youth participation at the local level, the Platform aims at facilitating the focus of the public authorities on the needs of the youth on policy-making according to EU standards.

Many regional activities have encouraged regional cooperation, such as in the comparative studies of youth activism, various visits in the region, visits to the National Parliament of Montenegro, etc.

Stakeholders of the Platform

The Platform for youth participation and dialogue gathers different stakeholders:

  • The European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA) and its branch in Skopje (ALDA Skopje)
  • 7 Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) that are Civil Society Organizations promoting local democracy on local level in their communities
  • 8 Local Authorities from 5 Balkan countries, that host the LDAs and support the actions and activities in their communities
  • Young people from 8 local communities in the Balkan:
    • Youth Engagement Workers (YEW) – 16 selected youth workers implementing the local activities and cooperating in regional network
    • Local Youth Advisory Groups (LYAG) composed by young people – acting as participants in the local actions and promoters of the actions
    • Local Correspondents (LC) – active young people trained for use of online tools for youth activism and citizen’s journalism

Management of the Platform

The Platform for youth participation and dialogue gathers different stakeholders
The project team is composed of:

  • ALDA & ALDA Skopje – coordinator of the activities
  • 7 LDAs – local coordinators

This project team will create 3 Working Groups (WG) responsible for the creation of strategic documents for the Platform on the following fields:

  • Network Development
  • Fundraising
  • Communication and visibility
  • Regional Youth Working Group (RYWG) is composed of 18 Youth Engagement Workers YEW) – 2 in each community
  • Local Youth Advisory Group (LYAG)
  • The Steering committee

For any further information about the Project, you can find us on this link